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Who's Watching Who?

When Christopher Hoff tweeted that he was unhappy with the service he was getting from Southwest Airlines, a representative from the company responded back to him within a day, explaining why his flight was delayed and asking him to give the airline a second chance. That’s the power of social media and increasingly, businesses are paying attention. Top companies such as Southwest, Comcast, Dell, Starbucks, General Motors, Kodak and Whole Foods are just a few of those using social media like Twitter to monitor their brand’s reputation or provide customer service on the spot. READ MORE>

10 Reasons Why Your Company
Can’t Ignore Social Media.

Social media is online content such as blogs, Internet social networking like Facebook and podcasts published by people who want to connect with others via the Web. Are you one of those who think social media is just a fad and eventually will fade away? If so, stop now.

The momentum of social media will only continue to grow. Eric Brantner of Digital Labz, provides 10 reasons why.

Want to Drive Social Media? Talk To Women.

Of the 79 million adult women in the U.S. who use the Internet, more than half use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs weekly. Most use sites like Facebook to keep up with friends and famiy.


It’s All About the Numbers.

Is your company and its brand in front of the millions of people who visit social networking sites? If not, these statistics might help sway you to become a part of the social media phenomenon. READ MORE>




Blogging About Brands: Yours is Probably One of Them.

Whether or not you have a current social media strategy, there is an interactive discussion going on about your brand – right now.

Four in five bloggers post brand or product reviews, with 37% posting them frequently. Nine out of ten bloggers say they post about brands, music, movies and books that they love...or hate.


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