Curro, Rankin, and Williams, Inc.  Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Planning & Strategy

    Advertising is one link in the marketing chain. Our marketing experience and knowledge can help establish short and long-term marketing goals that make advertising effective and focused.

  • Strategic Brand Positioning

    Creating a singular, memorable and positive image of your company and product is key. This image can then be infused into the minds of the public in order to generate a dynamic position within the marketplace.

  • Market Research

    Research makes advertising effective. A highly targeted message can often be obtained through research. Determining and understanding your competition, target group, market conditions and advertising trends in that market and all other potential markets influence the creative make-up of excellent pieces that create results.

  • Corporate
    Identity Programs

    Reflecting what a company wants to convey about themselves to the public and how that message translates to them are two very different things. It takes the whole spectrum of media to convey a message and an identity. From logos to letterheads, to business cards and corporate correspondence, there's a right way to convey a feeling about your company.

  • Direct Mail

    When it comes to direct mail advertising and getting a response, it's the offer that counts. Of course other factors include identifying the proper target group for the mailing piece and having a "clean" mailing list. Whatever it takes to get the results you want, we'll do, and it'll work.

  • Print, TV, Radio
    & Outdoor Ads

    No matter what the medium, Curro, Rankin & Williams produces advertising that is goal-orientated, well targeted and interesting. Our ability to arouse, titillate and entertain produces quick results. And after, a post-flight evaluation is conducted to determine the effectiveness of each piece while providing a direction for the future.

  • Media Planning
    & Placement

    Our media department has over 16 years of experience in finding the best placement, frequency and position for your advertising – and at the best costs. This is definitely one area where our expertise and the relationships we have built pay for themselves..

  • Graphic Design

    Following and exploiting trends is at the heart of any high-quality piece with any degree of impact. By understanding advertising and industry trends, we can create a diverse and distinctive visual reflection of your company and product.

  • Website Design

    Rich and interactive media is becoming a traditional tool in a non-traditional marketplace. We understand that through integrating messages between traditional forms of advertising and your website, a reinforced marketing message can be created.



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